the writers of this show literally wrote down anything that popped in their head and it’s absolutely perfect

ask-zyra-thecuriousflower:  The fruits of the stream………

DL the high res ver here:


*opens inspect element on a webpage* Ive accessed the mainframe


Good to see that there were throws


Good to see that there were throws

Debonair Vi by Lili Schaf
#debonair #vi #piltover #fanart

Debonair Vi by Lili Schaf

#debonair #vi #piltover #fanart




The bird-loving folks of developer Mediatonic (Amateur Surgeon, Foul Play) and avian-friendly publisher Devolver Digital are pleased to announce that the revamped Hatoful Boyfriend will launch for PC, Mac, and Linux on August 21st. Early birds can get 10% off the $9.99 worm by pre-ordering Hatoful Boyfriend before it launches on Steam (

Ornithological gamers with finer tastes at the top of the pecking order can fly away with the Hatoful Boyfriend “Summer of Dove Collector’s Edition” that includes the official digital soundtrack, an exclusive digital comic from series creator Hato Moa, exclusive wallpapers of Oko-san, and a digital St. Pigeonations 2014 Yearbook.


As the only human in St. PigeoNation’s prestigious school for birds you’ll encounter a feathered cast of characters and choose a suitable love interest all while managing elective school classes. Follow your heart as you choose your path and go on romantic dates you but be wary of fowl twists and turns along the way that could turn you love life upside down.

Longtime fans of the series can expect to discover an exclusive all-new scenario and ending designed by series creator Hato Moa.


“You nerds can keep your virtual reality headsets and your haptic feedback,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Pre-pubescent bird love games are the next big growth category.”

For more information about the leading romantic bird simulator Hatoful Boyfriend, Mediatonic or malevolent publisher Devolver Digital, please visit or start chatting up some local birds just to see what’s up.


Loving the new champ! He’s such a cutie ahhhh ♥


Loving the new champ! 
He’s such a cutie ahhhh ♥


  • League of Legends Pendant | RP Gift Giveaway

So, I said once I sold my Bioshock Infinite Pendant that I’d do my second giveaway to show thanks for the mass interest I’ve gotten. About a month ago I gave away my first painted pendant, the Poro, so now I’ll be giving away my second, the Voidling. I’ll also be buying one of you a champion or skin of your choice.


  • Must be following me on this blog, or my portfolio blog.
  • Must re-blog this post. 
  • One re-blog per blog. Multiple re-blogs are always appreciated, but won’t count.
  • Giveaway ends on Thursday the 31st.

Also, once this giveaway ends, I’ll be opening back up commission slots for the Video Game Pendants on Etsy. 

Thank you again Tumblr community. I couldn’t do any of this without a lot of you, and I can’t wait to make more of these. 


  • me: ugh he is such a dorky little shit, he is literally a piece of trash and i cant stand his face
  • friend: so you hate him?
  • me: no hes my favorite character


Gnar: The Missing Link